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  • Wines and Winemakers from 28 countries were present at the international organic wine award 2018

Wines and Winemakers from 28 countries were present at the international organic wine award 2018

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Also in 2018, the PAR®-Jury tasted more than 1000 wines represented by 28 states

Frasdorf, 12. July 2018 – The 09th edition of international organic wine award, that is known to be the leading contest for the organically made wines, took place from the 29th of June until the 2nd of July showing a high level of the international attendance. The unique variety of participating countries represented by 289 wine-growing estates compassing more than 1000 products from 28 nations made it possible to achieve an excellent pertinence for the submitted qualities in the most significant cultivation areas in the world of wine. Newcomers of this year were wines from Belgium, Chile, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Malta.

This tasting once again took place under the leadership of sensor expert Martin Darting. Initiated and organised by WINE System AG, 38 qualified auditors from 6 different countries tasted each of the submitted organic wines and ran the sensory assessment based on its ingredients following the PAR®-standards working in a team of three people. Along with Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain, China again belonged to the most represented winegrowing nations. 52 nominees – who represent 4,8% - were decorated with „Top Gold“ (96 – 100 points).

Jury’s delight about a large number of newcomers from different winegrowing regions – Tasting marked by vintage – Quality and creativity consistently at a high level

Wines from 4 different countries were awarded 98 out of 100 possible PAR® points. The complete Mexico team line-up of 4 wines reached an excellent position.
Martin Dartin speaks about the jury’s feelings: „high quality of the winegrowers‘ work and distinctive features of tasted vintages shaped our overall impression.“ The whole crew was especially happy to welcome so many new winemakers who joined the contest this year.

A lovely aspect of the general picture of this tasting is the evidence that organic vintners definitely belong to the brave ones who dare to swim against the flow of marketing trends and customary practices discovering own ways to boost the complex diversity and rich and eclectic wine culture. From sulphur-free and unfiltered to reductive maceration and up to Sur Lie, all combinations were broadly represented providing a wide-ranging spectrum for the tasting.

Within this diversity, the causal sensory inference of applied PAR System is a beneficial tool for the jury members to allocate wines accurately. The understanding of why a particular wine creates a specific taste experience becomes a crucial issue.
The international organic wine award 2018 team sums up: „Drinking wine this way turns out to be a great deal of fun again!“

View complete ranking and more details at www.bioweinpreis.de.

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Martin Darting is skilled wine grower and sensors tasting expert and initiator of BioFach wine award. Martin is the developer of PAR-System, oenological consultant for quality management, training lecturer and head of tastings during PAR wine awards. www.martin-darting.de


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