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Vite Colte
Italien - Piemont - Barolo


Vite Colte is the vine grower’s skill.

At Vite Colte’s project take part 180 vine growers who cultivate 300 hectares, a part of which in biological conversion, the remainder is ecofriendly.

Every winegrower dedicates a part of his property to the Vite Colte project, so as to assure himself the accurate cure, with constant dialogues with the technical agronomist. He is a true vine grower, who uses all his ability, passion and his face. Behind each Vite Colte’s wine there is a face, a story and a family.

We have everything we need: a vast heritage of vineyards, which means we can choose the best, the best motivated vine growers of the group, with their families; modern enological systems, the technology which is needed to preserve and enhance the quality of the grapes, a first-class technical group. 

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