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  • The Worldwide First PAR® Tasting in Virtual Space: international organic wine award – the Spring Edition 2020 with 648 Wines from 18 Countries

The Worldwide First PAR® Tasting in Virtual Space: international organic wine award – the Spring Edition 2020 with 648 Wines from 18 Countries

Participants trust in the transparency and comprehensibility, also online

Frasdorf, May 2020 – Likewise with the current daily life situation, also the first edition of this year tasting took place under the influence of the Coronavirus pandemic, ran by 28 tasters spread throughout Germany in virtual space and strictly complying with PAR® standards. The experience of PAR® Certified Master Tasters and the established digital infrastructure of WINE System AG was strong support to manage the organisational challenge to prepare the high-quality contest that earned the trust of winemakers from all over the world. The jury assessed 648 wines from 18 different countries and awarded 58 Top Gold, 307 Gold, 249 Silver and 28 Compliments.

Germany has submitted 262 wines achieving the most represented position among the wine countries during the international organic wine award 2020, followed by Austria and Italy.  Likewise, these three nations were the front-runners in the Top Gold performance. Also, wines from Spain, France and Thrace were among the highfliers. For the first time, the PAR® contest has been split into Spring and Autumn editions to provide the producers with more flexibility in terms of ageing and storage. Another advantage brought by this step is an alternative opportunity in October for all those who could not join the Spring edition due to all logistic challenges caused by Coronavirus pandemic actions. The deadline for the Autumn tasting is September 25th, 2020.

Diversity at the Top – From International Modernism to the Pet Nat
Top ratings each category: 2018 FEODORA traditionally barrique-made Sauvignac coming from vineyard Galler (Palatinate region) and a modernly reductively steel-tank aged 2018 Riesling Spätlese produced at the biodynamic winemaking estate Zwölberich (Nahe region) earned 99 points each which helped to put both of them into the number one position in the category of white wines. A 2018 Cuvèe Resonance "8b sound-inside", a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Dorsa and Cabernet Cubin that is traditionally made in barrique at the Palatinate winemaking estate Christian Butz was decorated with 99 points achieving the top position among the reds.
The top position in the category of dessert wines was represented by 98 points earned by 2018 Solaris that was reductively made in the wooden barrel at the vineyard Roth, Franconia region.

Top Gold in the category of sparkling wine was awarded to the 2019 Pet Nat produced at the Austrian vineyard Schabl from the Wagram region. A traditional Pétillant Naturel from Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Red Veltliner earned 97 points.
"Best in Class "in the category of rosè is the 2019 Pinot Noir Rosè Kabinett reductively produced in the steel tank at wine-growing estate Jürgen Walz, Baden region, that was decorated with 95 points and Gold medal.

Athletic Participation, Unprecedented Overall Standard and New Categories
The international organic wine award was split into Spring and Autumn Tasting for the first time in 2020. The reasons for this decision are the year-on-year growth of participants number and quality management involved, as well as the intention to make this event more customer-friendly. The Head of Tasting Martin Darting says: "This quality concept seems to be convincing to the winemakers. The attendance figure was impressively high, despite Coronavirus pandemic challenges. The submitted wines, on average, were of unprecedented quality. "
To manage the enormous stylistic variety brought by the international tasting of this scale with a differentiated assessment, the PAR® Certified Masters work with oenological parameters like oxidation, reduction, tradition and modernism along with the mainstream categories like red and white wine. New stylistic subcategories have been implemented during the recent contest: Natural wine, Terroir-wine**) and Extract accentuated wine***). An example in the category "Natural wine" is the 2018 "Goldraut" Souvignier Gris from the vineyard Zollweghof, South Tirol region – an amphora wine that was decorated with 97 points. Follow this link to view further results in the category Natural wine.
Additional producers with an extraordinary performance both in the category of Terroir-wine as well as Extract accentuated wines are the wine-growing estate Ploder-Rosenberg, Styria region, decorated with six Top Gold medals and Fattoria La Vialla, Tuscany winning five Top Gold awards.

Read more under bioweinpreis.de.

Supplementary information

*)All submitted wines were classified in the climatic, stylistic and analytic parameters. The wines were anonymised and numbered before unpacked and presented to the jury in the determined order. A completely new situation to the tasting crew that could be managed due to the defined tasting standards delivering high reproduction of PAR® results.

**) Terroir-wine: The concept "Terroir "covers the factors location, climate, type and human resource.definiert. A Terroir-wine is notable less for compliance with sensory features or taste standards but the reflection of the above mentioned four factors. The PAR® method principally focuses on the climatic conditions paired with matching grape variety that shape the oenological picture. Classification in "modern "and "traditional "– the reductive and oxidative art of wine production is of particular importance – makes sure that the often called "philosophy of vintner "is correctly assigned. A pool of experience, audit and defined standards help the PAR® tasting crew to take the right decision.
View the Terroir-wines ranking of the Spring tasting 2020: results 2020 - Terroir-wines

***) Extract accentuated wines: Diese neue Kategorie beim internationalen bioweinpreis fasst Weine zusammen, die unabhängig von ihrer Herkunft, durch Dichte und sensorische Ausdruckskraft überzeugen. The new category of the international organic wine award includes all wines that convince by their concentration and expressiveness, independent of their origin.  
View the Extract accentuated wines ranking of the Spring tasting 2020: results 2020 - Extract accentuated wines

Background information:

Assessment with PAR®: Thanks to the transparency of the internationally recognized sensory testing system PAR, each submitted organic wine receives replicable and objective documentation of its sensory and oenological characteristics respectively its authenticity, origin, and style. The PAR®: training enables the qualified jury consisting of „PAR® Certified Masters“, for the most part, oenologists, sommeliers verified by the CCI and appropriately qualified wine experts, to assess each wine neutrally, excluding personal preferences or preconceived opinions regarding “good taste.” In the context of contemporary oenology, new international styles, likewise the traditionally made wines, experience appreciation and acceptance. Besides marketing benefits brought by this competition, many wine-growers appreciate the revealing analyses underlying the PAR®-assessment. They show which exact criteria have led to matching results and provide a valuable manual for quality management of wines. This method promises an objective evaluation using the PAR® 100 points rating system based on transparent documentation.www.par-system.de

Established 1999, WINE System AG, with its extensive and informative wine database, builds a solid footing for the PAR rating system developed by Martin Darting. Likewise, the company proved itself to be a high-performance partner for winegrowers, retail and expert audience in the fields of wine and sensors. As a joint developer of this innovative and transparent assessment system for the sensorially measurable products like wine, bread, olive oil, cheese and many others, WINE System AG, under the leadership of Martin Darting an Brigitte Wüstinger, organises highly prestigious contests. The portfolio includes events like, for instance, international organic wine award, PAR Wine Award International and International PIWI Wine Award. The database that contains more than 35.000 listed wines became a global information tool highly appreciated among experts. www.winesystem.de


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